A naturally growing herb with incredible healing potential, cannabis has been used for thousands of years to treat health conditions.


A group of active compounds found in cannabis, called cannabinoids, interact with your body by way of naturally occurring cannabinoid receptors embedded in cell membranes throughout your body. There are cannabinoid receptors in your brain, lungs, liver, kidneys, and immune system. Both the therapeutic and psychoactive properties of cannabis occur when a cannabinoid activates a cannabinoid receptor.


Numerous diseases — such as anorexia, emesis, pain, inflammation, multiple sclerosis, neurodegenerative disorders, epilepsy, glaucoma, osteoporosis, schizophrenia, cardiovascular disorders, cancer, obesity and metabolic syndrome-related disorders — are being treated or have the potential to be treated by cannabis oils and other cannabinoid compounds.


Cannabis Infused Topicals are a proven natural alternative for pain management and stress reduction. Topical applications of cannabinoids also benefit the skin thanks to their anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, analgesic and immunity-modulating properties. Full of antioxidants and anti-aging properties, they also provide moisture and protection to the skin.


Once Canadian legislation allows for infused topicals and cosmetics to be sold in Canada, our cannabis-infused products will absorb directly into the skin to help relieve pain, soreness, tension, and inflammation, as well as heal skin conditions, such as eczema and psoriasis, moisturize the skin and help fight the signs of aging. The products are 100% non-psychoactive.